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  • Faster, more cost-effective, and much easier

    Many of your peers are assured of the business to us, we promise to bring you a first-class service experience, with our technical capabilities and service experience, we are confident that we can meet the most demanding Time, cost and service requirements to contribute to the development of your business.

    Our Clients

    500+ customers choose DMW Logistics, which annually transports, stores and delivers products in excess of $1 billion in value.

    More humility and superior ability

    We believe that arrogance, complacency, and carelessness to customers can only lead to self-destruction, so we always adhere to the customer-oriented business philosophy. Our success depends on the success of our customers. A sincere and humility attitude has allowed us to form alliances with more customers in the course of nearly 20 years of development, transforming the difficulties and challenges encountered in customer development into our own capacity building and business development momentum.

    Regardless of your needs, please contact us

    Yes, we can provide integrated logistics services covering all of China, Shanghai, Qingdao, Ningbo, Dalian, Xingang, Chongqing,Wuhan, Guangzhou, from door-to-door transport, packaging and warehousing, international freight forwarding to supply chain optimization, electronic products, Equipment, parts and components to hazardous chemicals.

    We have been working with DMW Logistics for more than ten years. In the past ten years, our business has tripled. This shows that our customers are very satisfied with our delivery ability.

    As Tianjin Xingang stopped the business of shipping dangerous goods, we transferred our business to Qingdao Port within one week. Thanks to DMW Logistics's help, our emergency transfer was very successful.

    DMW Logistics's team is rich in business knowledge and experience, and is willing to help us solve various problems. They never refuse us because of difficulties and troubles.

    • What kind of company is DMW Logistics?

      DMW Logistics is an NVOCC approved by the Ministry of Transport to provide global cargo transportation services for factories and trading companies, covering sea, air, and land transport. MSK, COSCO, CMA, ZIM, HPL, OOCL, KMTC, EMC, etc. are our long-term shipping companies. We can ship and deliver goods to customers anywhere in the world, regardless of size, weight and mode of transport. Our global transportation network ensures that our products are successfully cleared and delivered in all countries.

      What is the business philosophy of DMW Logistics?

      DMW Logistics emphasizes the customer's supremacy, re-commitment and keeping promises, we strictly control the service, the goods customer delivered we do our best to every detail.

      How to join DMW Logistics?

      Our company consists of HR Department, Finance Department, Customer Service Department, Operation Department, Sales Department, Business Development Department, Commercial Department, and Overseas Department. If you are interested in our company's business and are willing to join, please send your resume to dlchr@ dmwlogistics.com. Thank you.

    • Do I need to contact different sales for the inquiry ex different POL?

      DMW Logistics provides one-stop service. You can ship from any Chinese port. You only need to contact the same sales service that you usually serve. You don't need to contact many people to quote. We arrange exclusive sales staff for each customer, exclusive operator, save your communication time.

      Advantages in Chemical Transportation

      There are more than 300 kinds of products that we serve, including class2, class3, class4, class5, class6, class8, class9. We are familiar with the MSDS approval process for general chemicals, the booking requirements for dangerous goods, and the special characters of various dangerous goods, such as: flash point, marine pollution, and the port of destination emergency contact information. We have extensive packing experience for different packaging and different types of chemicals. Different blocking and bracing methods are used to load the full or half container; American mode in blocking and bracing required for the American Railways or general mode for non-US destination shipped by us can meet our customers' different needs.

      The consignee in the United States wants to make a DDP term, can you arrange customs clearance and duty paid at the port of destination?

      Yes, DMW Logistics provides full service of DDP, customs clearance, duty paid and Annual Bond.

      In the United States, the consignee needs to be heavily stocked and transported to US factories in batches. Can you provide warehousing services?

      Yes, DMW Logistics can provide you with warehousing services. If it is a hazardous chemical product, please provide detailed product information to our customer service dept.

      Can you provide loading survey report?

      Yes, we can provide third-party survey services for our customer. Also we could provide on-site inspections by our colleagues. You can just tell our customer service department in advance when you send a booking order.

      Shipper has contract with carrier, DMW Logistics only provides local service, will you do this business?

      Yes, please contact our operation department, who can provide you trucking or loading service.

      Do you operate nominated cargos?

      We welcome overseas forwarder to consign cargos to us.

    • Can DMW Logistics provide TANK service?

      Yes, DMW Logistics can provide marine transport for customers who have their own tanks. We can also provide tanks and marine transportation services for customers who do not have tanks. We can supply a sufficient number of regular ISO TANKs for years and Baffle TANK.

      Can you arrange TANK inland transport?

      We have contracted trucking company that undertakes TANK transportation for us, in the major ports for long-term cooperation.

      Can you provide TANK registration service?

      Yes, we will send the documents required by ports regulators to you. After documents are completed, we will help you with the TANK registration procedures at the loading port.

      How fast is your TANK booking approval?

      We are familiar with TANK's application approval process. We will review the documents for you at the first time, and our customers are very satisfied with our approval speed.